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A little about yhicey

How are you today? My name is Nicole, but I’m known for my stage name Yhicey Niq Hawt. (Yhicey like Spicy)

To start, I am a 27 year old Taurus from Orlando, Florida residing in the beautiful but unflattering New York. I'm the eldest of 4. Born in NYC then fled to Florida around 10 for a safer life. I love to eat as I am a huge foodie. I enjoy to read almost anything so long as I can do it outside within nature. Large bodies of water are extremely relaxing, I do fish as well. Not afraid to actually get in the dirt. I've been called an "alpha" and a "dominant" almost my entire life. I find my self to be the perfect amount of aggressive for my personality of course. 

 I am a vendor/site coordinator for the Art of Stepping, where I teach students K-12 how to dance while using math, grammar, and coding. This is one of my contractor agreements during the school year, currently on my 4th year with them.

I am an entrepreneur. Owning my own entertainment arts & enrichment company with several subdivisions within; ranging from a modeling troupe both adult and kids, a catering company with diverse styles such as vegan/vegetarian, adult/spiked, party cakes, and a clothing brand, a non-profit organization, and much more. I've coordinated fashion shows, community charities, musical showcases, pop up shops, workshops, etc. I am a signed talent scout and booking agent for Phoenix Productions of the Fire Angels wrestling team. I am also the COO of Erotica Brand and Grandezza Knights Studios. 

If  had to decide which talent was my favorite and number one it would be my singing. I was born with the talent, inheriting the skill from my mother. I started vocal training around the age of 9 other than my mother. I was in many shows, competitions, and even got as far as going for Julliard for college and the Performing Arts of High school. However, I took a different turn and stopped singing for awhile. Had to take some time to myself and figure out if singing was for me or for my mother. Few years later here I am, at it all over again. 

Along with my back of house work for others, I too create unisex clothing,. Hand painted pieces to iron on customized pieces, and hand made wire wrapped chakra stone jewelry. I also host open mic nights in New Rochelle once a month. The last Sunday of every month. I am partnered with Andra&Rudder as their house hostess an booking agent. We hold kids paint & soda events, dance classes, fitness workshops, and art workshops all coordinated by yours truly and along side A&R.

As a professional model ambassador, I have over a dozen print publications, have walked in several shows such as New York Fashion Week, multiple shows during Rainbow Fashion week New York, Mermaid Parade Day, Blaze the Stage, Empire ent. in Georgia, Orlando International Hair Show as Paul Mitchells stage model, and others. I have been an ambassador for Monster energy drink, Grey Goose, Cones Ice cream (Argentina), 15Flavors frozen yogurt, and Jack Daniels. I've managed several youth and adult models. We have successfully worked and have been featured with VH1, Seventeen Magazine, TRL, and Viacom. 

 I am the Owner & Instructor of LytFyt Fitness working with another fitness brand known as Dear Summer. We feature our fitness workouts on the LDM Network Thursday nights. You can also attend a class or check out the videos on my  YouTube channel. I am also the owner and instructor of Hyp Hawties dance program, where I teach a variety of dance styles and techniques such as Hip Hop, Lyrical, Capoeira, Tango, Sexy heels, and Body positivity seduction while incorporating STEM based lessons.

 With all of this entertainment madness, my personality is the overall key to it all. A bubbly-highly energized go getter. I believe in using my abilities and skill sets to better our community. Restore the aspects of life that have been lost in both my people, our children, our education system, and our government system. I won’t stop until I’ve achieved it. It being an impact to fill a huge hole in our unity. 

Cover Song- Grease

Hostess- 15Flavors Frozen Yogurt

Blogger Review- Weight Gaining

Actress- Amazon Prime Movie

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Dance Fitness- LDM Network